Monday, May 12, 2008


Questions from the June 2007 exam:
  1. Discuss the factors that might contribute to the success of a television music programme.
  2. "Television has damaged the music industry. There are now too many performers who are getting success because of their looks, not their musical skill.” Discuss this view of the contribution that television is making to music.

and Jan 2007:

To what extent does the medium of television influence the music industry ?

'music on TV is better served by television than by radio, because music should be a visual experience' Discuss this view

Jan 2008

How well are music lovers served by TV?

'Music is light entertainment. Viewers don't want anything live or intellectually demanding. Just pop videos on demand. The video channels have got it right" Discuss this view

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How important is tv to the music industry ?

How might you go about answering an essay question like the above ?

Look for the formula- Point Example Explanation (PEE)

here are about 20 points you might make (in a random order!) You need to think of examples for each and then explanations to make clear their relevance. Structuring them into some kind of argument would be the third step to making this into an essay answer...

  • Image construction is vital to the music industry
  • TV adverts are used to sell albums
  • Chart shows are essential for the promotion of singles
  • Chat show appearances are often used to promote albums
  • The number of audition/reality shows on TV is testament to their huge importance
  • Documentary coverage of artists is frequently tied in with the release of new audio product
  • News coverage of bands/ solo artists is useful to their progress
  • The number of music channels to be filled with music videos represents a big area for the music business
  • Artists often appear on panel shows
  • Variety programmes for niche and mass audiences are used to showcase bands and their latest releases
  • Live concerts and festivals represent another opportunity for bands on TV to reach a wider audience
  • record companies sometimes release DVDs, particularly of tours, which end up being shown on TV
  • A flagging career can sometimes be revived by an appearance on a reality Tv show
  • tracks can sometimes gain in popularity by being used as incidental music, trailer music on adverts, sports coverage or even soaps
  • Soap stars often release singles and start a pop career
To find examples
  • use your wider knowledge
  • use examplkes from class- past and present!
  • use examples from your youtube and other research into a specific artist
  • use examples from the music video unit
Make sure you think of points which can demonstrate understanding of all four key concepts: audiences, institutions, representations and forms/conventions

Saturday, May 10, 2008

X Factor vs. LATER with Jools Holland

X Factor on YouTube
Leon Jackson

Note the big set, the role of the audience, the range of conventions demonstrated.

Bad Audition

LATER on YouTube

Opening Titles (2000-2001)

Indie from the Arctic Monkeys

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Brit Awards (Music Award Shows)

The BRIT AWARDS 2007 took place on Wednesday 14th February 2007, Valentines Day.. hence the choice of set...

Consider: the use of mise-en-scene, the choice of host- what does Russell Brand represent ? the way that the sponsor draws upon popular youth culture to sell its product and the conventions of award acceptance represented by Take That contrasted with that of the Arctic Monkeys. Can a programme like this negotiate the tensions between corporate image and the rebellious tendency of rock music ?