Thursday, January 31, 2008

Speed Essay Task

Try answering one of the questions from June 2007 (see below post). But only give yourself 20 minutes. There are some other rules:

1) Try and write at least 5 paragraphs.
2) Mention 5 TV shows - properly referenced e.g. Top of the Pops (BBC1, 1964-2004)
3) Use as many terms from these two glossaries as possible.

Genre, Programming, Schedule, Mainstream, Niche, Presenter, Celebrity, Terrestrial, Digital, Conventions, Target Audience, Audience Ratings, Production Company, Record Label, Artist

Camera, framing, Editing, Juxtaposition, Pace, Mise-en-Scene, Lighting, Costume, Wardrobe, Set, Studio Audience, Performance, Diegetic, Non-diegetic

Now get someone else to mark it. Score the essay like this:

2 marks for each programme mentioned (1 mark for programme, 1 mark for date and channel)
2 marks for each paragraph
1 mark for each of the words from the glossary

Good Luck


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