Monday, January 29, 2007

Miami7/LA7/Viva S Club

Miami7 / LA7 / Viva S Club on Wikipedia
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Miami 7 was the first television series made by British pop group S Club 7. The programme was shown every week on CBBC and starred all seven members of the band as themselves in thirteen episodes. In Miami 7 the S Club 7 are struggling with bad management, lousy gigs and no fans. So their manager decides to dump them on to his "friend" Howard Borlotti and his ofttimes cowardly brother Marvin in their run down hotel, and are forced to double as both entertainers for the hotel and staff members. In the finale they discovered their contract with their manager was expired so they had to decide to go to Los Angeles or back home, they decide to roll the dice in Los Angeles. There were two in between specials before the next series LA 7, S Club 7: Back to the Fifties and S Club 7: Boyfriends & Birthdays.


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