Saturday, January 27, 2007

Final exam

the exam 2735 Media issues and Debates takes place on June 12

You will answer two essay questions in two hours- each of the topics contains a choice of two questions. our two topics are Contemporary British Cinema and this topic- Music on television.

By mid-march you will have your scores for the research exam, for the music video coursework and for any re-sits you have done. This will add up to an overall score out of 510, leaving just 90 marks still to play for in the final exam. Your teacher will be able to tell you your overall score and how many marks you still need for a particular grade. You will be able to discuss options for any summer re-sits too.

In the five weeks where we concentrate on Music on TV we will look at:

the history of music on Tv in the UK
examples of particular programmes from different genres: reality/audition shows, chart shows, live performances, panel shows, documentaries, etc
music channels and music video
the key concepts in relation to the topic: audiences, institutions, representations and forms/conventions

You will watch some examples and discuss them, do some research using wikipedia and youtube and ultimately prepare to write some essays. Please make sure for every lesson you arrive on time, ready to work with pen and paper!

You will need to be confident about these four concepts in relation to specific examples


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